About us.

Sandip Roy is at a stage in his career where intuition, experience and confidence come together in a way that produces spaces where joy, comfort and charm collide. As a young designer, working in the interiors arm of architectural practices, gave him the understanding of volume, orientation and materiality.

An enthusiastic and ebullient nature, he expressed his love of fashion and an incredible eye for materiality, understanding when a project requires an injection of theatre as much as when the dial is to be tuned down to calm. Yet regardless of era his approach is to investigate the mix of light, colour, orientation and furnishings that, within a contemporary sensibility, contribute to a place that at its core feels good to be in.

According to Mr. Sandip Ray “It is important for us to be open to looking closely, experiencing things outside of the office environment, debating the merit of ideas and filing away, mentally, the things we see for future projects”. While he is certainly The Designer he is equally grounded. A career, which began as an employee in the construction industry, ensures meticulous detailing is married with practicality and a desire for perfection is matched by the knowledge of how to achieve it.

The Goal

‘I took the challenge for me to transform Elegant Interior into The Elegant Interior… every taste of failure played an important role to seek the success ahead since the past 20 Years!” – Sandip Roy

The Modern Living.

Home is the place where you come back to find peace. After a full day of hustle and your constant endeavour of creating a mark on this world, you reach home for comfort and regain your strength to fight for another day. The Elegant interior as the name says understand this and always makes sure that your home is not only good looking but has features and functionalities which will deliver you the desired comfort and relaxation at the end of the day. We have made partnerships with worlds top home accessory companies and bring to you a combination of luxury and ease making your home the dream home you always desired.




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