Our Work Speaks.

We are based out of Kolkata and have been serving clients since ages to build your dream home. Our ideas of interior designing are not only limited to creating aesthetically pleasing interiors but also to designing spaces which offer peaceful and relaxing environment.
We prioritize the design and put forward our excellent team of designers to work in tandem with clients preferences. Being one of the top interior decorators in Kolkata, understanding our clients’ aesthetic as well as lifestyle needs is a significant part of our skill set. We include our clients at every point of the home interiors project to ensure clients settle only for the Best.
If you want to get your house designed in the best possible way, then you must look for Elegant Interior.
Rather than following a distinct house style, Elegnat Interior ensures each project they undertake is perfectly tailored to their client’s needs. We also have an extensive professional and highly skilled interior designers. It is this approach, combined with the dynamic team, that has seen Elegant undertake many top projects in Kolkata. Elegant is now established as industry leaders in their field of interior designing, able to undertake a wide variety of projects, with varying budgets and scopes, across Kolkata.