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Elegant Interior – The epitome of excellence in Interior Design

Starting a business from scratch is not a piece of cake but when a person has a burning desire to do something, no obstacle can snatch their success. A real-life example of this is Sandip Roy, the founder and the CEO of Elegant Interior.

26 years ago, a boy had the passion to make a home beautiful and enhance the standard of living of people. In 2023, if we look back, the passion turned into success a long time ago. However, the journey was not easy, especially during the covid.

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According to the owner, they believe in “Quality and perfection” and these are the reason Elegant Interior have countless loyal customer from all over India. The “quality” is the reason they are able to provide 30 years of warranty on each product. The use of marine-grade ply instead of compressed wood is the reason for the magnificent quality of their products.

The CEO added that the client also loves their short-time delivery system. Elegant Interior owns many factories, where they build furniture and other home decorating accessories by using German-made machines. Therefore, all the delivery is completed within one month. Customization and innovation is another crucial part of their business.


“They understand my expectation in our first meeting and work accordingly. Thank you Elegant for making my dream come true”

Mrs. R.C.Gupta

“If I needed to design my home in the future, I will definitively do it from Elegant. I will also recommend my friends and relatives to connect with Elegant for home interior”

Dr.Tapan Kumar Bhowmick

“I am very thankful to Elegant Interior for making my dream house. Each and everything is very nice, I am very satisfied”

Mrs.Gaurav Sadwani