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Interior design is the blend of art and science through which professionals enhance the interior of a building. In this way, they bring functional and aesthetic value into their homes. Well, it’s not like you always have to hire a professional to decorate your home.

Many people have natural eyes for design. They can easily accomplish the decorating and designing project successfully. If you are not one of them, then you can consider hiring a professional interior designer.

Meanwhile, you can also access Pinterest or search in Google for getting interior design ideas. Well, in that case, your sweet home may look like everyone else’s. So, you should stick with us and read the five best interior design tips. Knowing the facts will help you get the best kitchen interior design in Kolkata or any other house parts.

So, let’s not waste more words and start with the tips!

  1. Establish a Color Scheme

Before starting a home renovation project, you should first do this. So, first of all, choose a colour scheme and stick with it during the decoration.

2. Paint Smaller Rooms Softer

This is a trick you should follow to make your smaller room look larger. Meanwhile, you should also consider using mirrors for the decorating of your home. It will create an optical illusion of space and make the room seem bigger than it actually is.

3. Use Texture

The primary purpose of interior design is to create a visual impact in a room. By using texture, you can create a thrill in your room. Be it for the best kitchen interior design in Kolkata or any other cosy corner of the house; texture has always been very effective in creating stunning designs.

4. Mix It Up

This great trick will help you bring a unique and iconic look to your home. Due to this reason, we always recommend our readers mix patterns and textures, expensive and inexpensive, old and new, to design their interiors excellently.

5. Greenery

This is one of the great tips you should follow to improve the aesthetic value of your home. So, we always recommend homeowners add plants to their houses. Add them to every small and large room of your home. It will help you to add colour and texture to your home.

These are the five tips you should follow to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your home. However, if you are still not confident about your DIY decorating skills, consider hiring a professional who will help you enhance your interior architecture’s aesthetic. You can find professional designers in your city by performing a simple Google search.

So, this is all for now. Hope the post was informative and you have enjoyed reading it. For any questions regarding this, feel free to leave us a mail. You can also share your thoughts regarding the discussion below in the comment section to make it more useful for other potential homeowners looking forward to altering their homes’ interiors.

best interior design in kolkata

All people are not lucky enough to live in a big or spacious apartment. Probably, they cannot afford to buy a big house. But what they can do is use some tricks so that their small rooms appear bigger than their actual size. Here are some tricks they may consider to achieve this goal.

  1. Use a Light Shade of Colours on the Floors and Walls

Using dark colours can make a room look cozier, but they can also absorb the bright light rather than reflect it. When this happens, the room may look smaller and congested. It is better to use light colours on the wall and floor so that the room feels bigger.

Professional top interior design company in Kolkata help homeowners to manage space in the best way. Homeowners can seek their help to get effective solutions.

2. Keep the Furniture Away from the Wall

This trick can work well for those who want to create an illusion of a spacious room. Pushing the furniture and all other things against the wall makes them look cramped. To make the room appear bigger, one can keep the furniture away from the wall.

3. Go for Multipurpose Items and Hidden Storage

Experts from a top interior design company in Kolkata recommend not accommodating many things in a small room.  Individuals can buy multipurpose items to manage space. It is also necessary to create hidden storage. By doing so, they can keep their belongings safely.

4. Make the Use of Hanging Shelves

Hangings shelves are good options for homeowners who are looking for ways to manage space. This additional storage can easily grab visitors’ attention when decorated beautifully. This can also make the place look and feel bigger.

5. Use Mirrors

This is one of the best tricks to make the room look bigger. Mirrors can reflect light well, and thus, they can make the place look brighter and feel bigger. Homeowners can consult one of the experienced and top interior designers in Kolkata or from their desired locations to know how to make the best use of mirrors to achieve this goal.

6. Use Striped Rugs

Professional interior designers say striped rugs can make the room look longer. One can apply this trick to get the best result it. Individuals should not choose just any rug that comes in handy. Rather they should pick up the one which matches the entire home décor. They may seek help from rug experts for suggestions regarding which one to pick up.

7. Use Big Furniture

Although there is a rule that small furniture properly fits small rooms, this is true. But those trying hard to make an illusion of spaciousness may choose one or more pieces of big furniture so that the room appears larger. But, a top interior designer in Kolkata suggests not to not use too many big furniture and make the room congested. It is better to seek the help of interior designers.

These tricks are probably useful for homeowners. They may try these tricks if they want. For further queries, they may surf the internet or contact interior decorators.