No matter how spacious or luxurious your flat is, if you cannot design the flat interior perfectly, you may not feel satisfied or comfortable in your new flat. Hence, here are some key facts, which you must know before planning for modern flat design. We have discussed with some interior designers, who are working on the modern flat design in Kolkata and here we present the findings to help you.

Understand your need

The first thing is to understand your requirement. No matter how beautiful or functional your flat become after the interior design, if you are not satisfied or comfortable with it, there is no point. It is better to write down your requirement in detail so that you do not miss any points while actually doing the work.

Plan early

Unless you are buying resale properly, you need to plan for your flat interior design as early as possible. Completing the whole interior takes time. Also, it is hard to find an interior designer and other staff as all these require pre-booking. You can also modify your plan if needed as you get more time to reanalysis everything.

Repurposing old furniture

It’s a new trend and a smart way to reduce your expenses at the time of flat interior design. Sometimes it is very hard to get rid of some furniture or accessories as you have a strong emotional connection with those. However, the good thing is that you can reuse or modify those furniture according to modern design. Not only it helps to save that furniture, but it also saves your money and reduces waste.

Natural lighting and air circulation

In the modern flat design in Kolkata, natural lighting and proper circulation get huge importance. Not only does it make the place healthier, it keeps you and your family members close to nature. Getting enough light and air in the daytime can also help you to save lots of electricity.

Proper lighting 

Proper lighting in the proper place can change the whole ambiance of the place. In modern flat design, proper lighting plays a huge role no matter whether the flat is simple or limited edition. The key is to use the space and do proper layering in order to enhance the utility and beauty of the flat. Decorating the flat with lights than other luxurious accessories is also a budget-friendly option for you.

best interior design in kolkata

As you are reading this blog, that means you probably thinking of painting your home. After doing research for several days, we came to know about some specific colors, which are in hot trends in the 2023 market and all the top interior design companies in Kolkata are using these.


This is one of the top trending colors in 2023. This color can be described as muted, carrot orange, light color with a peach undertone. According to some experts, this color expresses the care and empathy culture and therefore people are preferring this color while doing interior design.


Warm neutral colors are also trends in the current world. Some experts of a top interior design company in Kolkata believe that warm neutral colors embrace comfort as well as wellness. Another best thing about this color is that it can incorporate into practically any type of home design. In addition, when there is white it is easier to bring any type of pattern, texture, color, or material as white can be easily individualized.


In the last some years, a shift has been noticed in the color choice of people. Nowadays some people are choosing warmer colors. This Vibrant orangey red color has a fancy name, which is “Raspberry Blush”. If you want to give a bold and warm look to your home, this color could be the best choice for you.


In modern interior design, another color becomes famous due to its luxurious looks. Blue is always a beautiful color to most people. Among all the shades of blue sky blue was in trend in the last few years. However, in 2023, the place is snatched by another shade of blue called “Ultramarine”.


It has been noticed that in the current color trend people are prioritizing comfort over anything. This color invokes the sentiment of safety and comfort among the family member. Painting your living room with this color makes the surroundings more relaxed and comfortable.


Many designers agree that this color is experiencing a renaissance and going to be one of the top choice colors in 2023. The softness of violet makes this a soothing color. It has been seen that when this color is paired with luxurious decoration, it changes the looks of the home completely and makes it unique.