Giving your property the ultimate facelift is more challenging than you think. Coordinating the different aspects of the design is a huge task. Carpentry, electrical services, wall-décor and painting, furniture layout etc. are all the different aspects of the interior. Now imagine, hiring individuals or different companies for handling each of these aspects. The first challenge is getting them to coordinate with each other. Conveying your idea to each of them separately or together and ensuring they build something that looks balanced is another tricky step. This is where getting turnkey interior design services saves the day.

The following are some of the advantages associated with turnkey interior design contract:

Singular responsibility

The responsibility of the entire project lies on one of the best interior design companies of your choice. You need to brief once regarding your vision to the interior design representing the company. Next watch your vision take shape as a compact unit as a team of professionals work together headed by the designer.

Complete space Planning

Turnkey Interior design means the entire layout of the property is designed starting from minor renovations to make the property more space-efficient to planning and implementing the perfect ambience lighting- all are done by one company. Thus, your interior looks well-balanced.

Single invoice

No need to worry about separate billings by the carpenter, wall-painters and so on. All your bills are combined into one as the service will be inclusive of all these strata. When the cost is provided in a single invoice you get all the information in one place. Tallying the cost and making payments also become much simpler.


Imagine paying different people at varied rates for their services and paying one company through a single invoice for all the service. Which seem simpler? Moreover, the service is more cost effective as the rates are uniform when provided by a single company.

In short, the advantages of turnkey interior design solution are varied, making it a perfect choice for projects of all magnitude.