Hiring an interior designer is no doubt a wise investment when it comes to transforming a living space. You need a home that is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. No matter whether you are redesigning your home, villa, or office, hiring the best interior designer in Kolkata can be of great help. If you search online, you will find many professionals offering this service; however, choosing the right one is a bit tricky. Choosing the right interior design can be easy if you ask a designer five questions before finalizing the deal.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer

Let’s check the questions that you should ask your interior designer to ensure maximum interior design benefits instead of your hard-earned money.

  1. What Is Your Design Style?

Every designer has a unique style and approach to design. Before hiring one, you should try to understand the chosen designer’s style and determine whether it aligns with yours or not. Some designers are pros at specializing in contemporary designs, while others may have a preference for traditional styles. We at Elegant Interior try to create American-European fusions to ensure both charm and functionality.

  1. Is There Any Portfolio of Your Past Work?

This is a vital question that you should not skip at any cost. You know, every company claims to be big on the Internet. Instead of relying on their words, it is always better to look at their portfolios and get an understanding of the quality of their work. It will also help you understand their design capabilities, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to different spaces and preferences.

  1. How Do You Decide the Budget for a Project?

Determining the budget is a special aspect of any interior design project. You should know how your chosen interior designer approaches budgeting to ensure that he/she can work at the best level considering your budget constraints. You can get quotes from different companies to understand the actual value. Remember, you should not fall into the trap of low-cost packages, as they may not cover quality amenities or services.

  1. How Do You Collaborate with Clients?

Effective communication and collaboration are a must to ensure the success of an interior design project. Try to know the designer’s process for involving clients in decision-making and how they handle feedback and revisions. It will help you understand how flexible they are, and you can also plan your project accordingly.

  1. How Do You Stay Updated with the Latest Design Trends and Innovations?

You know that interior design trends and technologies are constantly evolving. It is always wise to work with an interior designer who is updated on the latest innovations and trends in the industry. You can ask your interior designer about how he or she stays updated with trends and informed about new materials, sustainable design practices, and so on.


Ask your interior designer whatever you want to know. You should get all your questions answered before finalizing the deal. We at Elegant Interior always prefer to resolve all queries from our clients and make them confident in our process. And probably for that reason, many people choose us as their first choice whenever they need to hire the best interior designer in Kolkata. In order to know more about our services or to discuss your new project, call us at (+91) 98300 82872.

best interior design in kolkata

All people are not lucky enough to live in a big or spacious apartment. Probably, they cannot afford to buy a big house. But what they can do is use some tricks so that their small rooms appear bigger than their actual size. Here are some tricks they may consider to achieve this goal.

  1. Use a Light Shade of Colours on the Floors and Walls

Using dark colours can make a room look cozier, but they can also absorb the bright light rather than reflect it. When this happens, the room may look smaller and congested. It is better to use light colours on the wall and floor so that the room feels bigger.

Professional top interior design company in Kolkata help homeowners to manage space in the best way. Homeowners can seek their help to get effective solutions.

2. Keep the Furniture Away from the Wall

This trick can work well for those who want to create an illusion of a spacious room. Pushing the furniture and all other things against the wall makes them look cramped. To make the room appear bigger, one can keep the furniture away from the wall.

3. Go for Multipurpose Items and Hidden Storage

Experts from a top interior design company in Kolkata recommend not accommodating many things in a small room.  Individuals can buy multipurpose items to manage space. It is also necessary to create hidden storage. By doing so, they can keep their belongings safely.

4. Make the Use of Hanging Shelves

Hangings shelves are good options for homeowners who are looking for ways to manage space. This additional storage can easily grab visitors’ attention when decorated beautifully. This can also make the place look and feel bigger.

5. Use Mirrors

This is one of the best tricks to make the room look bigger. Mirrors can reflect light well, and thus, they can make the place look brighter and feel bigger. Homeowners can consult one of the experienced and top interior designers in Kolkata or from their desired locations to know how to make the best use of mirrors to achieve this goal.

6. Use Striped Rugs

Professional interior designers say striped rugs can make the room look longer. One can apply this trick to get the best result it. Individuals should not choose just any rug that comes in handy. Rather they should pick up the one which matches the entire home décor. They may seek help from rug experts for suggestions regarding which one to pick up.

7. Use Big Furniture

Although there is a rule that small furniture properly fits small rooms, this is true. But those trying hard to make an illusion of spaciousness may choose one or more pieces of big furniture so that the room appears larger. But, a top interior designer in Kolkata suggests not to not use too many big furniture and make the room congested. It is better to seek the help of interior designers.

These tricks are probably useful for homeowners. They may try these tricks if they want. For further queries, they may surf the internet or contact interior decorators.

Are you looking for reliable yet trendy interior designers for your place? Have you researched the available companies in the market? Do you have any basic idea about how the interior work is done? You need to slow down and do some research before you appoint a professional to design your interior.

Elegant Interior is an interior design company that has worked in the field for a long time. We have certified and experienced designers who offer quality designs to the customers as per their requirements. Elegant is considered one of the top interior design company in Kolkata due to its continuous service in this field. We involve the customers in the interior design process. You will not only enjoy the work of making a space a household or a working place but also feel connected to them.

Why Elegant is considered the top interior designer?

For the new clients., the claim is not enough as you will need facts to believe that Elegant is the best in their work. The details below can help the new customers understand how they can get benefits from Elegant interiors-

  • We offer what you are looking for in real. From aristocrat living to the simple bedroom, we fulfil all your dreams with exclusive designs. We offer customized interiors to use all the spaces available in your apartment to make it look compact.
  • Professional, experienced designers understand your requirement. Once you share your preferences, our team works on them and comes up with extensive designs and details to make your interior extra-ordinary.
  • Elegant offers you quality interior within your budget and out of your expectation. From a luxurious bedroom to an exquisite study room, you can get anything and everything under one roof of a top interior design company in Kolkata.  
  • Not only do we prioritize creativity but also quality. With due guarantees, we have global suppliers to provide required materials as and when required. When you invest in Elegant, you can be assured of getting the best in the market.
  • From interesting false ceilings to the smart kitchen, we cover every aspect of the interior. We also offer varieties of interiors in different price ranges for all kinds of customers.

Besides the experience of more than two and a half decades, Elegant has the best team at work. You can rely upon Elegant for their trusted work and dedication to creativity. Stay assured of getting the best interior designs and services from the leading interior designer company.

Today, everyone wants to assemble aesthetics in their daily lives to create a positive feeling. To uplift the lifestyle and maintain the home’s aesthetics, interior designing plays an important role. The proficiency of interior designers helps your masonry house transfer into a quality one.

Working with the best interior designer in Kolkata allows you to live in a most relaxing ambience that perfectly reflects your identity. If you want your life to be more stylish, move towards making an interior space built on your preferences. Get through the column to know why you integrate your house with interior designs.

Optimize the resident’s lifestyle

When you decide to decorate your home with a professional interior designer, you allow them to incorporate those components that best suit your lifestyle. If you are a workaholic, it would be best to build a large-spaced home office that will give you relief in your daily life. If you are a retired person, you will want your living room to be highly spacious to gossip and spend your spare time most comfortably.

Luxury Interior Design

Achieve maximum functionality in the available space

If you think interior designing only beautifies a space, you are wrong. An experienced interior designer makes sure that your home provides you with the utmost functionality so that you don’t have to compromise with leading a life. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big bungalow, the designer’s expertise helps you accumulate special elements that will be more inviting.

Avoid costly home refurnishing eventually

Homeowners make the serious mistake of bargaining with vendors and spending more than they could save by hiring an expert interior designer. The most responsible interior designer will always assist you in selecting the best fittings, furniture, building materials, and others within your budget. They also ensure that your installations are done properly so that you don’t have to worry about future renovations in the long run.

Ensure necessary safety measurements

The best interior designer in Kolkata will always consider the home design and proper safety guards. Lacking this will lead to unavoidable accidents for not only children but for the elders also. Ensure not to pill up dangerous equipment around the house to make it a safe place to live. Also, the house’s electric wiring should be properly mapped so that it can’t affect any occupants or visitors.

A trained interior designer will ensure that you get good resale value if you decide to sell it in the future. Since the first impression lasts for a lifetime, you need to make your home reflective, so it satisfies your personality. Make your home a divine abode so that you can have a great bonding with your family.

Best Interior designer in kolkata

Will you like to move into a concrete space with no appeal and functionality? Well, your answer is certainly a big NO. Imagine landing up at an unpleasantly designed place that looks more of a haunted area than a functional living space. This is why interior designing is important.

Interior design adds aesthetic value to a space. Whether it is a newly built area or an old structure that needs a revamp, interior design makes it lively!

When you hire a top interior designer in Kolkata, they not only decorate your house or workplace but use their technical knowledge, creativity, and professionalism to make the place worthy of it.

Why is hiring an interior designer important?

Whether you plan to redesign your home, workplace, single room, bathroom, or kitchen, interior designers help us ease our lives. Here are why you would choose the top interior designer in Kolkata.

  • Improves Functionality

Today, when everyone struggles with space crunch in metro cities, interior designers come as rescuers. Designing not only makes your abode look beautiful but makes it functional.

A smartly designed small house is better than a poorly styled big house. Functionality is one of the major aspects of interior design. Professionals with good work experience know how to install vertical storage and make the house beautiful.

Installing foldable furniture, utilizing each space smartly, and implementing minimalism are trending goals of interior designers.

  • Defines Personality

Your home reflects your personality. When you hire a designer, they plan each corner according to your instructions. Once the owner decides on his style, interior designing becomes easy. Some people love contemporary designs, while others go for modern and classy.

Designers take note and try to incorporate your personality into your home.

  • Enhances Space

Organization and space enhancement is important to make the home look visually appealing. Imagine owning a car but no parking garage or a washing machine without any proper water provision? Interior designers make notes for each requirement and plan the space accordingly.

Using each corner smartly, coordinating colours, and organizing are important reasons you should hire interior designers.

  • Property value

Today, people buy properties as a reinvestment. They buy workspaces, houses, and garages and sell them later for better prices. A smartly designed space will fetch better property value than a concrete structure with no functionality.

Most buyers in metros like Kolkata look for places ready to move in. if the place is well furnished and designed aesthetically, it sells like hot cakes in the market to fetch a higher value.

  • Easy Maintenance

It feels relaxing after a tiring day when you return to a beautifully designed house. Home gives solace to tired souls. However, interior design is not everything, and it is important to keep the house hassle-free and well-maintained.

Similarly, a neat and functional workspace boosts productivity and efficiency. If your office is lively, your employees tend to spend more time at work.

A beautifully designed, functional place helps in easy maintenance for a longer time.

Giving your property the ultimate facelift is more challenging than you think. Coordinating the different aspects of the design is a huge task. Carpentry, electrical services, wall-décor and painting, furniture layout etc. are all the different aspects of the interior. Now imagine, hiring individuals or different companies for handling each of these aspects. The first challenge is getting them to coordinate with each other. Conveying your idea to each of them separately or together and ensuring they build something that looks balanced is another tricky step. This is where getting turnkey interior design services saves the day.

The following are some of the advantages associated with turnkey interior design contract:

Singular responsibility

The responsibility of the entire project lies on one of the best interior design companies of your choice. You need to brief once regarding your vision to the interior design representing the company. Next watch your vision take shape as a compact unit as a team of professionals work together headed by the designer.

Complete space Planning

Turnkey Interior design means the entire layout of the property is designed starting from minor renovations to make the property more space-efficient to planning and implementing the perfect ambience lighting- all are done by one company. Thus, your interior looks well-balanced.

Single invoice

No need to worry about separate billings by the carpenter, wall-painters and so on. All your bills are combined into one as the service will be inclusive of all these strata. When the cost is provided in a single invoice you get all the information in one place. Tallying the cost and making payments also become much simpler.


Imagine paying different people at varied rates for their services and paying one company through a single invoice for all the service. Which seem simpler? Moreover, the service is more cost effective as the rates are uniform when provided by a single company.

In short, the advantages of turnkey interior design solution are varied, making it a perfect choice for projects of all magnitude.