“Beauty comes at a price!” To get beautiful, you have to pay a hefty price. Is it always true? Do you need to spend your entire savings to transform your living space and make it beautiful? With the right interior design company, modern flat design in Kolkata can be custom-made and affordable. Buying lots of home decor items or installing premium-grade furniture pieces is not the solution. You need to follow a systematic approach that optimises your living space and style. Let’s check out some basic rules that every professional interior designer follows while decorating flats and apartments in leading metro cities in Kolkata.

Tips to Nail Your Flat Interior Design

Interior design is all about making your entire living space functional while keeping it creative. An ideal living space should adjust to your daily routine without causing any hassle.

  1. Plan Smart, Plan early

Interior design is something that you should start early to enjoy the maximum benefits. Try to book upcoming residential projects so that you can enable some customization in your own way. In between, you should also consult with an expert interior designer who can guide you accordingly. Taking this step at an early stage can let you choose the best flooring, lighting, fixtures, plumbing fittings, and many other specific changes or installations that can maximise the functionality of your flat.

  1. Set a Strict Budget

When it comes to interior design, there is no budget limit or fixed price strategy. After booking a property, you should consult with an interior designer to get an estimate. If possible, show the blueprint of the property, and it will help the designer show you realistic design ideas and a cost estimate. At the start of the interior design plan, you should convey your budget limitations and goals. You should check what you can get within your fixed budget or, if you add anything else, how much more you need to spend. Then, draw a fair comparison and make an informed decision.

  1. Keep It Realistic

While searching the internet, you will find plenty of home decor items and furniture pieces. Before buying anything, you should check its functional and aesthetic value. Refrain from overbuying. Stuffing a room with lots of decor items or furniture pieces not only hampers its functionality but also looks jeopardized. Ask your interior designer for ideas on decor items, and then buy them. Always remember that over the years, more items and furniture pieces will be added, and it’s unavoidable. So, keep some free space for those future items.


Following a few simple tips can make your modern flat design in Kolkata beautiful and truly optimized. With an interior design company like Elegant Interior, transforming your living space isn’t hard or expensive. You can easily get your dream flat without exceeding your budget. Your home should make you feel relaxed, happy, and satisfied. To turn your living space into your dream home, consult with the best interior designers and plan early.

No matter how spacious or luxurious your flat is, if you cannot design the flat interior perfectly, you may not feel satisfied or comfortable in your new flat. Hence, here are some key facts, which you must know before planning for modern flat design. We have discussed with some interior designers, who are working on the modern flat design in Kolkata and here we present the findings to help you.

Understand your need

The first thing is to understand your requirement. No matter how beautiful or functional your flat become after the interior design, if you are not satisfied or comfortable with it, there is no point. It is better to write down your requirement in detail so that you do not miss any points while actually doing the work.

Plan early

Unless you are buying resale properly, you need to plan for your flat interior design as early as possible. Completing the whole interior takes time. Also, it is hard to find an interior designer and other staff as all these require pre-booking. You can also modify your plan if needed as you get more time to reanalysis everything.

Repurposing old furniture

It’s a new trend and a smart way to reduce your expenses at the time of flat interior design. Sometimes it is very hard to get rid of some furniture or accessories as you have a strong emotional connection with those. However, the good thing is that you can reuse or modify those furniture according to modern design. Not only it helps to save that furniture, but it also saves your money and reduces waste.

Natural lighting and air circulation

In the modern flat design in Kolkata, natural lighting and proper circulation get huge importance. Not only does it make the place healthier, it keeps you and your family members close to nature. Getting enough light and air in the daytime can also help you to save lots of electricity.

Proper lighting 

Proper lighting in the proper place can change the whole ambiance of the place. In modern flat design, proper lighting plays a huge role no matter whether the flat is simple or limited edition. The key is to use the space and do proper layering in order to enhance the utility and beauty of the flat. Decorating the flat with lights than other luxurious accessories is also a budget-friendly option for you.

Everyone loves exquisite furnishing, the luxurious feeling of textiles and satins, and well-decorated walls. The interior magazines are unfortunately to blame. They stimulate the desire to duplicate remarkable interiors and offer innumerable inspirations and ideas. Designing a residential property for the first time or renovating it with customized furniture also seems great.

According to experts offering the best flat interior design in Kolkata, interior design courses give projects to the students where they have to modify a tiny space into a lavish abode with custom furniture. Refurbishing older pieces or creating pieces tailored to varying requirements; do not restrict imagination.

It might sound like a big task, but it can be accomplished through the below-mentioned tips.

  1. Plan and Research Properly

Before a person starts rearranging and purchasing new stuff, he/she must check out the concepts, themes, and trends and save all the pictures and reference materials during the implementation stage. Categorize whatever is collected in a systematic plan. If a person starts working on the house one fine day without any prior research, he/she will end up inside a chaotic dump.

  • Try in Smaller Spaces

One may be bursting with innovative ideas to remodel their house, but most interior designers suggest they first take up a small project and see how much effort and time are required to transform a full house. The design courses offer theme-based assignments for the students to experiment with and develop great solutions.

  • Opt for Imported Furniture and Relics

When travelling to foreign destinations and visiting flea markets, please look out for fascinating furniture pieces that can add a different definition to the house. Importing furniture from abroad is not at all difficult as multiple dealers out there are eager to handle the shipping and deliveries.

  • Never Rush the Process

Designing a house may seem easy, but actually, it is an exhausting endeavour. One needs to be patient and not rush the process. To finish executing the design, several people may waste a lot of money and commit mistakes too. Being cautious at every stage seems like the best way to move forward.

  • Talk to Local Artists

If one is bored to death by similar types of concepts and designs found online or in well-known stores, one needs to talk to the artists in their locality to create a customized piece. Whether it is a cabinet to keep all the liquor or a stylish ottoman, everybody likes having something that no one else has.

The students of the interior design courses are motivated to socialize with the local artists as their creativity can support them in formulating brand-new and visually appealing plans.

  • Visit Exhibitions and Trade Shows

According to professionals offering the best flat interior design in Kolkata, the events such as furniture exhibitions and trade shows can allow one to stay updated with different interior products. They are also an excellent source of connections. One could meet dealers here who can materialize even the most complicated furniture designs. Incorporating custom furniture into interior spaces can be a fascinating project. Just like the students of the contemporary designing courses, one will be able to learn the various skills to help them turn a boring house into a comfortable and aesthetic dwelling.

So, you are on the way to decorating your first-ever apartment. How exciting it is! But, at the same time, the whole task seems daunting also. There’s a lot that you should learn to think beyond the basics. Whether you are a first-time buyer of a flat or transforming your old apartment into a polished one, this is the right place. Through this web blog, you can get numerous decorating tips that help elevate the overall look of your modern flat.

Make the Living Room Befitting Your Style

A stunningly beautiful modern apartment needs detailed planning to transform the living room highly approachable. It is always important to start placing the essential elements in the living room that fit the best.

These include a sofa, TV cabinet, sound system, art pieces, designer lighting, center table, carpets, curtains, etc. For budget-friendly apartment décor, you must shop carefully to priorities the quality. Set your specific style vision and make the living room clutter-free as much as possible.

Maintain a Well-Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the heart of a home. Therefore, you must ensure to stock up your kitchen with modern appliances. Not only that, keep the basic kitchenware like coffee maker, toaster, microwave machine, fruit bowls, baking tray, cast iron cookware, juicer cum mixer, and a few.

If you can’t showcase your appliances because of limited space, you can consider investing in multi-functional kitchen gadgets. This not only fulfils your purposes but also beautifies your kitchen counter.

Fabricate the Room to Be Highly Relaxing

There’s no better rejuvenating space than the bedroom in a home. When you engage in the online class or office meetings all by yourself, you require a calming space with eye-soothing decorations.  A messy room can never make you feel concentrated on your tasks. So, stick to the essentials first, and keep the décor minimal.

A highly relaxing bedroom should have a cozy bed, beautifully designed or slick headboard, nightstands, closet, and light fixtures. The modern flat design in Kolkata emphasizes minimal artwork so that you don’t accidentally get distracted.

Modern Flat Design

Optimize the Bathroom Space in the Most Impactful Way

Modern bathroom designs come simple yet impactful. While most bathrooms of the apartments are tiny, it needs proper planning to use every space while keeping it less crowded. Use the tiles as the best resort for bathroom designing to have the picturesque washroom ready. Install a large mirror and yellow lights to bring a warm vibe. Transform the clunky corner by keeping a small flower vase on the tiny shelf and modifying the space.

The non-stop evolution of modern interior design paves the way to express yourself endlessly.

flat interior design

Almost two-thirds of the homeowners in South Africa feel that the value of their house will continue to rise in the next ten years. This sounds optimistic – considering that certain factors would determine the home’s worth, such as location and the popularity of the region.

So, when someone considers the house as his or her most significant asset, taking the best care of the same should always be the top priority. This post reveals some valuable tips that would help increase the house’s resale value.

Change Old Rugs, Floors and Carpets

Having worn rugs, old or stained carpets or squeaking floors will turn off the buyers, who might get least interested in the property. Again altering the rugs and floors would be an expensive affair, but if the budget allows, don’t hesitate to go for the same.

Having clean and distinct rugs would add extra charm to the overall beauty of the house, and the seller can charge additional perks for the home. One never knows – the person ends up paying the additional perks also.

Flat Interior Design

Work on the Interior of the House

The house’s interior speaks a lot about the people living inside, and one must constantly upkeep with something unique and distinct in nature. Hiring professionals offering the best flat interior design in Kolkata or from other locations in the country would be the best to enhance the beauty of the house’s interior style house.

Add some paint to the walls, and it would be better to opt for extensive cleaning services. Make sure to work on the bedrooms, washrooms, and living areas. The interior decorators would make the design look incredible, which will elevate the chances of getting a higher price for the house.

Install Smart Home Appliances

Smart appliances have become the new trend that most of the people prefer installing in their houses. The systems bring a lot of conveniences and ease of mind to do things that need both time and effort. Installing smart home appliances would be an extensive affair, but the house’s value will be top-notch.

While selling the house, make sure to seek advice and guidance from a professional with experience in offering the best flat interior design in Kolkata and other places to get the best deal. Posting advertisements on different social media platforms through registered partners would also be effective as they help to get valuable buyers who can pay a good price for the property.