According to a wide range of studies, modifying one’s environment helps them get out of their monotonous routine, perceive the world from an innovative angle, and prevent depression. Their imagination also starts working better. 

To attract change or bring brand-new positive energy into life, there is no need to relocate or seek promotion. At times, all it takes is changing the appearance of the house. Well, mentioned below are a few effective residential interior design ideas to opt for. Please check them out right now.

  1. Paint the Wall in an Unusual Color

Painting one of the walls in the house an unusual colour is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to create an impact. It provides more prominence to furniture, photographs, and sculptures.

Remember, the bedroom craves softer and more relaxing colours like pastel green, baby blue, or refreshing mint that can contribute to a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, the kitchen looks good in bold colours such as yellow.

2. Invest in an Amazing Furniture

According to the best home interior designer in Kolkata, sometimes something missing from one’s home is a breathtaking piece of furniture capable of attracting the guests’ attention. It can be rustic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, eclectic, classical, or industrial. One must be motivated or enchanted by a particular object.

If possible, highlight the furniture with lighter features. Combine it with complimentary items or potted plants.

3. Replace Bathroom Curtains

If the bathroom still has old stained curtains, it is time to replace them. One can also change the rug in front of the tub. Get something with unique patterns and colours that will match the curtains. Some people purchase delicate or romantic models that offer the bathroom a special touch.

4. Invite Nature In

The people who want a house full of beauty and life must invite nature in. Bright flower vases on the living room or dining room table, floral arrangements on the dressers, shrubs or small trees in the corners of the bedroom, or a miniature garden beneath the staircase works well.

If the home has space for a large garden, try landscaping and carve out a corner for contemplation and relaxation. The home will be fresher and more organic.

5. Swap Frames

The most radical idea is to change the pictures in the room. If one has printed, one can exchange them for lithographs or photographs. Synchronize the frames and pay close attention to their composition. Changing the frames of the old pictures is another option. Of course, everything tends to look new against a newly painted wall. 

Besides the ideas stated above, the best home interior designer in Kolkata said another thing that has proven to make a huge difference is giving away unused shoes, clothes, and accessories. One will get a substantial amount of space in their closet to arrange the remaining by colour, fabric, or season.

Reorganizing the wardrobe is also immensely therapeutic, so try doing that without any professional assistance. Who would not want to feel a sense of accomplishment in a world that thrives on criticism?

One of the most progressive cities in the world, Kolkata maintains a strong connection to the rich heritage of Bengali art, culture, and history. The city of Kolkata is a prime example of this. There is a widespread body of knowledge and expertise among Kolkata’s in the realms of creativity and design, including interior design and decoration. They are quite knowledgeable in these areas. Homeowners in the area may be certain that our bungalow house interior design in Kolkata is well-versed in and up-to-date on all the current global trends.

We, Bungalow interior designers in Kolkata, have supplied the following tips if you are at a loss as to how to begin designing the interior of your bungalow.

Preserving Consistency in the Pattern

Because of its expansive nature, a villa can be intimidating, and its design offers plenty of room for experimentation with jarring contrasts and vivid hues. This is effective, but it requires a clear strategy to implement. On the contrary, a uniform appearance is the most functional design option. Stick with an understated or instantly recognisable colour palette, such as beiges, pastels, or neutral greys.

Elegance without Flamboyance

A private villa is the pinnacle of opulent, elegant living. Alternatively, there is much room here so that you won’t feel cramped. To create something truly big, one must learn to rein in their excitement and bring together parts that mesh well. Extravagant chandeliers, bright false ceilings, gold-finished panelled foyers, wooden flooring, and walls all function nicely as architectural features.

Peaceful, Isolated Crannys

Despite their large size, villas tend to take care of everything, creating an environment perfect for meditation and other forms of relaxation. Villas typically have little nooks and corners like these, which makes sense considering how chaotic life can get. This space needs to grow organically out of the design, becoming more natural and soothing as it develops.

Home sweet home: the place where the family congregates

Villas are appealing to acquire because of their spacious living areas, including formal dining rooms and family rooms where many people may gather in comfort and style. Every member of a mixed-race household brings something special to the table, making it all the more important to catch up with one another every day.

Comfortable and spacious washrooms

A villa’s number of bathrooms is an essential amenity, so don’t skimp on that. There is plenty of room to set up numerous practical nooks. Villas can be outfitted with various amenities, depending on the guest’s needs. It would help if you took advantage of this time because it will be the first and last of your day.

Your home’s interior should be as interesting and attractive as the outside. That’s normally the first thing on your mind when you start planning with our professionals from bungalow house interior design in Kolkata for a new home improvement project, especially one involving the interior design of your living quarters.

Home Inteiror Design

Are you planning to make your dream home real? Completing the structure is not enough to make your home exclusive and soothing. The interior transforms the structure into a home. Placing some furniture and getting walls painted is not enough. Interior designing is not a mere profession but also a creative art. The aesthetic sense of interior design requires making a difference between amateurs and professionals. This is why you need expertise from professional and experienced interior designers. So, if you plan to get your interior done, you need to find the most suitable home interior designer in Kolkata.

Luxury Home Interior Design

Specialities of interior designers

When you are looking to appoint a professional and experienced interior designer to make your dream home a reality, you must do your research well. You will have to invest in securing quality interior, and for that, you need to ensure that the interior designer you are appointing has the following attributes-

  • The designers must be certified and have experience working in home interior design.
  • The designers need to be open to suggestions. As a client, you can place your suggestion and requirement. An experienced designer takes them as a cue and works to make them real with their creativity.
  • Creative and innovative ideas are the key to exclusive interior design. Every household needs almost the same elements. But the designer tries to use creative ideas to make them look different and exquisite as per your taste and need.
  • Using space in the best possible way is another speciality of any professional interior designer. Not every client can afford a huge house or appointment, and you must decorate the small spaces. Professional and creative designers customize the interior setup to make the interior useful and stunning in their look.
  • When the designer understands your requirement and adjusts the space available with innovative designs and quality products, you can be assured that this is the best home interior designer in Kolkata you can get.

Individual interior designers are available. But if you are looking for reliable services, you must go for quality interior designing companies that have been in the industry for a long time. Such institutions appoint only quality interior designers and work under a system. You can be assured of getting the best service at a reasonable rate, along with endless customer support anywhere. 

The concept of having a custom-made living space is indeed very appealing. Some people suggest it as one of the most beautiful gestures one can make to oneself, while some assert it as a nod to the value for oneself. All these sayings are true because the handpicked art on the wall will speak more about the view of the world or life philosophy than words can even do at times.

But to transfer the personality to the next level through living spaces, one needs to have service from an expert offering the best home interior design in Kolkata or other locations. It is worth having an account of the steps involved in interior designing for homes.

Working on the Requisites of the Project

People say that well begun is half done, which is relevant when it comes to interior decoration. The initial phase deals with collating the right information starting from furnishings, estimated budget and the timeline. And if needed, then the designer responsible for the design of the original space will be approached for further input.

Home Interior Design

Plotting the Design

One might consider this a core step because the professional will work on the overall design for the project. It involves a wide range of activities – from evolving new plans, selecting color palettes, furniture plans, wall-covering, paint and window treatment, etc.

After the designs are ready, the professional and the house owner should take the final call. In case of some minor changes, interior designers can bring in the course of the work, but it would need general alteration if it is major.

The functionality of the Details

The art of interior designing does not suggest planning designing aspects on a piece of paper. It is more like dealing with the functional details than the design. In this step, the professional discussed the exact objects that one needs to bring. It also deals with the discussion for the purchasing made by the designer.

Installation Part

This is where the actual installation of the designs takes place. In this stage, the designers would use all their skills and abilities to construct fresh designs. The association of the client and the designer is extremely important in this step. After the completion of construction, the designers make the delivery as well as the installation of new furnishings.

Appraising Part

This is the conclusive stage, and the ‘Admiring’ word would be more apt for this stage. The primary idea of this stage is to get the overall view of the project. It also deals with minor additions to make in the outcome. Advice from professionals offering the best home interior design in Kolkata or in other locations would be very useful to make the design looks breathtaking. The art of interior designing involves a lot of things, starting from inception until the completion of the project. It also deals with a number of intricate details that enhance the beauty of the design. Apart from the steps discussed above, a professional interior designer also needs to undertake many other steps to match the expectations of the client.

The diminishing number of the separate plots is increasing the demand for duplex. Now the main challenge an interior designer face is in decorating a duplex with all the qualities that an independent house possesses.  Designers are coming up with varied plans to utilize the full space and create the illusion of a sizeable house. In this article, we have discussed three tricks that will help in elevating your home interior design of a duplex.

Make your wall the showstopper of your home

The best advantage you often get while decorating a duplex is its double-sized wall. This wall typically lengths up to two floors and has a great height from the ground to the ceiling. Now the possibility is endless when you have this much space to display. You a showcase a single large portrait, wall painting or a statement wallpaper an make you wall stand out. The statement wall will be the center of attention and will stand out for its duplex height.

Build a staircase to connect the two floors

A duplex has its charm because of its double floor plan. It is needless to say if there are two floors in a home there will the stair connecting them. Some prefer to put their stairs at the end of the house wanting to keep the entrance of their bedroom private. Whereas some want to make the staircase stand out and grab attention. To make that happen some put the staircase just in front of the entry of the house making the entrance look more grand and majestic.

Create a connection with the rest of the area in the house

As a duplex is two-floored and comparably more spacious than a regular apartment one may feel disconnected between the two floors. This situation can be altered by making an open corridor plan or glass wall on the adjacent areas.  it is one of the best interior design for home to get a look at every portion of the house and can feel connected to the whole space.

These are some of the highlighting factors that take your duplex inferior plan to the next level.

The trend of boutique hotels is growing rapidly in Kolkata these days. They have become popular among tourists and even locals looking for a luxurious “stay-cation”. Thus, competition is high and the only way to draw clients is to offer something unique and irresistible. Much attraction of the boutique hotels lies in the amenities and interior decors. Thus, without compromise, get the best interior designer in Kolkata for the job.

Here’s what they bring to the table that is unbeatable:

Create a Unique Character

A boutique hotel stands out in the crowd for its eccentric design. However, striking the subtle balance between sophistication and eccentricity is what attracts the client. The creative guest offerings at your boutique hotel are achievable when you go for a turnkey interior design service. Getting it done by a single designer ensures the elements of design together creates a single cohesive unit.

Culture and Heritage

The design elements of your hotel showcase the culture and heritage it belongs to. A perfect boutique hotel has a very specific theme. It exudes the personality as well as the cultural background behind the idea. if you have a vision revolving around art, fashion or any specific idea, this can be brought to life only by a designer who specializes in this genre. This expense becomes your investment for the future of your hotel when it fetches consistent business.

Home away from Home

A boutique hotel has every possible amenity that one may not get at home yet it also has the warmth of someone’s own house. This is why such hotels are often the popular choice for stay-cations. If you can bring elements of home interior design in parallel to the off-beat quirkiness, it is more likely to draw your clients. Again, achieving a balance between such contradicted components are made possible only when the designer has the experience and the skill.

A new boutique hotel is always a major attraction in the town but to keep up that hype consistently, you must offer a unique experience. We can help you with that through our turnkey interior services for such elaborate projects.