Giving your property the ultimate facelift is more challenging than you think. Coordinating the different aspects of the design is a huge task. Carpentry, electrical services, wall-décor and painting, furniture layout etc. are all the different aspects of the interior. Now imagine, hiring individuals or different companies for handling each of these aspects. The first challenge is getting them to coordinate with each other. Conveying your idea to each of them separately or together and ensuring they build something that looks balanced is another tricky step. This is where getting turnkey interior design services saves the day.

The following are some of the advantages associated with turnkey interior design contract:

Singular responsibility

The responsibility of the entire project lies on one of the best interior design companies of your choice. You need to brief once regarding your vision to the interior design representing the company. Next watch your vision take shape as a compact unit as a team of professionals work together headed by the designer.

Complete space Planning

Turnkey Interior design means the entire layout of the property is designed starting from minor renovations to make the property more space-efficient to planning and implementing the perfect ambience lighting- all are done by one company. Thus, your interior looks well-balanced.

Single invoice

No need to worry about separate billings by the carpenter, wall-painters and so on. All your bills are combined into one as the service will be inclusive of all these strata. When the cost is provided in a single invoice you get all the information in one place. Tallying the cost and making payments also become much simpler.


Imagine paying different people at varied rates for their services and paying one company through a single invoice for all the service. Which seem simpler? Moreover, the service is more cost effective as the rates are uniform when provided by a single company.

In short, the advantages of turnkey interior design solution are varied, making it a perfect choice for projects of all magnitude.

The diminishing number of the separate plots is increasing the demand for duplex. Now the main challenge an interior designer face is in decorating a duplex with all the qualities that an independent house possesses.  Designers are coming up with varied plans to utilize the full space and create the illusion of a sizeable house. In this article, we have discussed three tricks that will help in elevating your home interior design of a duplex.

Make your wall the showstopper of your home

The best advantage you often get while decorating a duplex is its double-sized wall. This wall typically lengths up to two floors and has a great height from the ground to the ceiling. Now the possibility is endless when you have this much space to display. You a showcase a single large portrait, wall painting or a statement wallpaper an make you wall stand out. The statement wall will be the center of attention and will stand out for its duplex height.

Build a staircase to connect the two floors

A duplex has its charm because of its double floor plan. It is needless to say if there are two floors in a home there will the stair connecting them. Some prefer to put their stairs at the end of the house wanting to keep the entrance of their bedroom private. Whereas some want to make the staircase stand out and grab attention. To make that happen some put the staircase just in front of the entry of the house making the entrance look more grand and majestic.

Create a connection with the rest of the area in the house

As a duplex is two-floored and comparably more spacious than a regular apartment one may feel disconnected between the two floors. This situation can be altered by making an open corridor plan or glass wall on the adjacent areas.  it is one of the best interior design for home to get a look at every portion of the house and can feel connected to the whole space.

These are some of the highlighting factors that take your duplex inferior plan to the next level.

The trend of boutique hotels is growing rapidly in Kolkata these days. They have become popular among tourists and even locals looking for a luxurious “stay-cation”. Thus, competition is high and the only way to draw clients is to offer something unique and irresistible. Much attraction of the boutique hotels lies in the amenities and interior decors. Thus, without compromise, get the best interior designer in Kolkata for the job.

Here’s what they bring to the table that is unbeatable:

Create a Unique Character

A boutique hotel stands out in the crowd for its eccentric design. However, striking the subtle balance between sophistication and eccentricity is what attracts the client. The creative guest offerings at your boutique hotel are achievable when you go for a turnkey interior design service. Getting it done by a single designer ensures the elements of design together creates a single cohesive unit.

Culture and Heritage

The design elements of your hotel showcase the culture and heritage it belongs to. A perfect boutique hotel has a very specific theme. It exudes the personality as well as the cultural background behind the idea. if you have a vision revolving around art, fashion or any specific idea, this can be brought to life only by a designer who specializes in this genre. This expense becomes your investment for the future of your hotel when it fetches consistent business.

Home away from Home

A boutique hotel has every possible amenity that one may not get at home yet it also has the warmth of someone’s own house. This is why such hotels are often the popular choice for stay-cations. If you can bring elements of home interior design in parallel to the off-beat quirkiness, it is more likely to draw your clients. Again, achieving a balance between such contradicted components are made possible only when the designer has the experience and the skill.

A new boutique hotel is always a major attraction in the town but to keep up that hype consistently, you must offer a unique experience. We can help you with that through our turnkey interior services for such elaborate projects.

Owing your dream office space may have finally come true but have you given a thought about its interior? To make a striking first impression to your clients, your office should reflect your ambition and boldness. Offices have very specific needs to make your space sustainable and functional while adding vibrance too. This is what top interior designers in Kolkata help you achieve in your office. But before you go to hire a service, having a clear vision is important.

Let us walk you through the latest interior design trends of 2022 for corporate spaces specifically.

Professional Space that Feels like Home

You as well as your employees spent a majority part of the day in the office. Many offices are now shifting towards creating a space that has a homely vibe to promote mental well-being and a work-life balance. From furnishing to the amenities and overall layout of the space- everything plays a role in creating that vibe.

Latest Office Interior Design

Light colors- brighter lights

Lighting is an elemental part of interior décor. It can make or break a design layout in a bat of the eyelid. Specifically for corporate spaces, they can be strategically used to induce the principles and ideas you wish to associate with the brand. For example, the creative department is perfectly portrayed by quirky lightings and lampshades. Whereas a chic marketing segments, conference rooms call for minimalist sophistication. Not to mention, the color scheme and furnishing must complement the lighting accordingly. This transition is best created when you have one designing agency handling it all.

Sustainability and Greenery

Businesses today must be more aware and conscious about the environment to built a reputation. Your business’s sustainable efforts and approach are best reflected through your office space. Strategic use of plants and foliage not only add character to the office but also depicts the compassionate perceptions of the brand. Office Interior Design that incorporates such greenery are bound to attract more potential leads.
In short, the office space must be able to strike a note as soon as a client steps in. This is achieved best when you employ the best designers at work for everything ranging from design to lighting.