Hiring an interior designer is no doubt a wise investment when it comes to transforming a living space. You need a home that is functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. No matter whether you are redesigning your home, villa, or office, hiring the best interior designer in Kolkata can be of great help. If you search online, you will find many professionals offering this service; however, choosing the right one is a bit tricky. Choosing the right interior design can be easy if you ask a designer five questions before finalizing the deal.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer

Let’s check the questions that you should ask your interior designer to ensure maximum interior design benefits instead of your hard-earned money.

  1. What Is Your Design Style?

Every designer has a unique style and approach to design. Before hiring one, you should try to understand the chosen designer’s style and determine whether it aligns with yours or not. Some designers are pros at specializing in contemporary designs, while others may have a preference for traditional styles. We at Elegant Interior try to create American-European fusions to ensure both charm and functionality.

  1. Is There Any Portfolio of Your Past Work?

This is a vital question that you should not skip at any cost. You know, every company claims to be big on the Internet. Instead of relying on their words, it is always better to look at their portfolios and get an understanding of the quality of their work. It will also help you understand their design capabilities, attention to detail, and ability to adapt to different spaces and preferences.

  1. How Do You Decide the Budget for a Project?

Determining the budget is a special aspect of any interior design project. You should know how your chosen interior designer approaches budgeting to ensure that he/she can work at the best level considering your budget constraints. You can get quotes from different companies to understand the actual value. Remember, you should not fall into the trap of low-cost packages, as they may not cover quality amenities or services.

  1. How Do You Collaborate with Clients?

Effective communication and collaboration are a must to ensure the success of an interior design project. Try to know the designer’s process for involving clients in decision-making and how they handle feedback and revisions. It will help you understand how flexible they are, and you can also plan your project accordingly.

  1. How Do You Stay Updated with the Latest Design Trends and Innovations?

You know that interior design trends and technologies are constantly evolving. It is always wise to work with an interior designer who is updated on the latest innovations and trends in the industry. You can ask your interior designer about how he or she stays updated with trends and informed about new materials, sustainable design practices, and so on.


Ask your interior designer whatever you want to know. You should get all your questions answered before finalizing the deal. We at Elegant Interior always prefer to resolve all queries from our clients and make them confident in our process. And probably for that reason, many people choose us as their first choice whenever they need to hire the best interior designer in Kolkata. In order to know more about our services or to discuss your new project, call us at (+91) 98300 82872.