The trend of boutique hotels is growing rapidly in Kolkata these days. They have become popular among tourists and even locals looking for a luxurious “stay-cation”. Thus, competition is high and the only way to draw clients is to offer something unique and irresistible. Much attraction of the boutique hotels lies in the amenities and interior decors. Thus, without compromise, get the best interior designer in Kolkata for the job.

Here’s what they bring to the table that is unbeatable:

Create a Unique Character

A boutique hotel stands out in the crowd for its eccentric design. However, striking the subtle balance between sophistication and eccentricity is what attracts the client. The creative guest offerings at your boutique hotel are achievable when you go for a turnkey interior design service. Getting it done by a single designer ensures the elements of design together creates a single cohesive unit.

Culture and Heritage

The design elements of your hotel showcase the culture and heritage it belongs to. A perfect boutique hotel has a very specific theme. It exudes the personality as well as the cultural background behind the idea. if you have a vision revolving around art, fashion or any specific idea, this can be brought to life only by a designer who specializes in this genre. This expense becomes your investment for the future of your hotel when it fetches consistent business.

Home away from Home

A boutique hotel has every possible amenity that one may not get at home yet it also has the warmth of someone’s own house. This is why such hotels are often the popular choice for stay-cations. If you can bring elements of home interior design in parallel to the off-beat quirkiness, it is more likely to draw your clients. Again, achieving a balance between such contradicted components are made possible only when the designer has the experience and the skill.

A new boutique hotel is always a major attraction in the town but to keep up that hype consistently, you must offer a unique experience. We can help you with that through our turnkey interior services for such elaborate projects.